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Sedreh Pooshi / Navjote






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Sedreh Pooshi- Navjote in

 Stockholm, Sweden

A Zarathushthrian confirmation ceremony (Sedreh Pooshi-Navjot) took place in Stockholm, Sweden where two Iranian ladies joined Zarathushti Religion on Saturday 13th of January 2007. One of these ladies lives in Sweden and the other one came from Germany to Stockholm to attend the ceremony to re-join to their own native religion and their root.


The initiation ceremoney was organized by Anjuman-e Bozorg Bazgasht  (a part of Zarathushthrian Association of Norway) and  was conducted by Mobed Jamshidi from Zoroastrian Community (Gotenberg, Sweden).


A Parsee family from Pakistan, some Iranian Zarathushtis (members of Zoroastrian Association of Sweden, Stockholm), some Afghan citiens,

Mr. Monfared-Zadeh an Iranian well-known musician along with some other Iranian guests attend the ceremony.

Lets we all welcome these two ladies to path of Asho Zarathushthra and wish them good health and joy.












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